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Schedule your SAT/ACT Prep Today

Why take SAT or ACT? Students who come to see me are either trying to get into highly competitive academic universities and/or they are looking for scholarship money. Most scholarships are awarded for SAT 1400 or above or an ACT of 32 or above. It's time to schedule your sessions for the May 4th, June 1st SAT and April 13th, June 8th ACT. I do recommend Sophomores take the June 1st or August 24th SAT to get their baseline scores to see which areas they need improvement in and the sections which are strengths. Prep Sessions include comprehensive training in the Math and English Sections of the SAT and English , Math and Science Sections of the ACT. I meet students in person or remotely on Zoom. Let me help your student gain confidence in taking these difficult tests and achieve their desired score. The most difficult part of the Math Section is actually setting up the problem and doing it quickly. I will train you how to categorize each Math question to help you with the set up of the problem and give you specific strategies for time management for both the Math and Reading/Writing Sections. Often I have students who are great at Math but struggle in the Reading and Writing Sections. No worries. I will train you in a technique that will systematically allow you to discard the wrong answers and choose the correct answer consistently. No more guessing. Go into your ACT/SAT Exam prepared and confident. Your future depends on it. English Speaking International Students are invited to receive SAT/ACT Prep via Zoom. I prepare students in many different states and different countries so that they can have the best chance to attend their dream school.


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