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digital SAT or ACT?

Now that March 9th SAT in the new digital format has been unveiled for the first time in the US, what now? The March 9 th SAT was probably the most difficult SAT ever with Module 2 in both Reading/Writing and Math very difficult compared to the practice tests. Many students are questioning whether they should switch to ACT. ACT is 1 hour longer and students have 25% less time on ACT than SAT. On ACT, you must move extremely fast on all sections. SAT questions are not as straightforward as ACT questions. SAT questions are puzzles. They're testing can a student think their way through a puzzle that they've never seen before. SAT Math is not like school Math. It's puzzle Math and you use school Math as your tool for solving. ACT Math is more difficult Math, having more Pre-Calc and various Math topics that you don't see on SAT. ACT rewards the monster Readers with some Math skill because they're the only ones that can get through English, Reading and Science fast enough. SAT rewards the Math people who have some reading skill. Math people like puzzles. I do think June 1st SAT won't be as difficult as March 9th SAT. So that's my take on digital SAT and ACT going forward into the summer months. Good luck to all.

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