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Ambition is the first step to Success

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   Karen Hartley has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and an MBA and  was a Senior Chemical Engineer at Merck & Co., NJ for seven years. Most recently, I have been a Math Instructor at South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) and a Professional Tutor in PreCalculus, Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry and Physics at SPCC.

  I have tutored numerous NC and SC students from UNCC, CPCC, SPCC, Marvin Ridge HS, Weddington HS, Ardrey Kell HS, Nations Ford HS, Fort Mill HS, Myers Park HS, Metrolina, Providence Day HS, Country Day HS, Charlotte Christian, Charlotte Latin and Charlotte Catholic in Calculus, Math, Chemistry,  Physics and SAT/ACT Prep. I currently tutor International Students in SAT Prep.

  I have a talent in making difficult subjects understandable for my students and  a proven track record of improving academic performance and standardized test scores. The SAT and ACT Scores that you see are  actual scores achieved by my students in the last year. There are many more outstanding scores from the previous 10 years I've been tutoring students for SAT/ACT. I prepare my students in  the Reading, Writing and Math Sections of SAT and English / Math / Reading / Science of the ACT. 

I have had many students come close to a perfect score on SAT and ACT. Thomas from Texas worked for months with me and got a 1580 on his one and only SAT on first try. He became a National Merit Finalist and is going to Harvard in 2024. Audrey and Jackson are also 2023 National Merit Finalists and received scholarship grants. Audrey from Colorado will attend Princeton and Jackson from North Carolina will attend UNC in 2024. Nathan was able to increase his score 100 points to 1530 on the March 2024 Digital SAT by meeting for just 4 sessions. He was already talented. I just polished up his SAT test taking technique. Ellie and Finlay both achieved a perfect ACT Reading Score of 36 on their first attempt at ACT . Ellie got  a Composite ACT Score of 34 in June 2024 and Finlay achieved a Composite score of 35 in March 2023. Finlay was admitted to West Point.  Rachel in 2021 became a National Merit Semi-Finalist attending UPenn. Sreethan qualified to attend NC Math and Science School in 2023.

 I have helped students score in the top 2% on the SAT and ACT to qualify for National Merit Finalist and Semifinalist, NC Governor's School, NC Math and Science HS and NC/SC college scholarships. Many top athletes  come to me as well to help increase their SAT/ACT scores to gain admittance to top academic schools . These schools include Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, MIT,  Air Force and Naval Academies, West Point, Brown, Notre Dame and Swarthmore. Many of my athletes wish to increase their SAT/ACT scores to gain additional academic scholarship money. Wherever you would like to attend university, I can help you make your future goals a reality. 

   The tutoring rate for Algebra 1 and 2, Chemistry and Physics   is $75/hr.

Pre-Calculus and Calculus is $90/hr.

My SAT/ACT  Prep rate is $100/hr. All  instruction is individualized to help  students achieve their best results.

   Let Karen use her Engineering, MBA and Math/Science expertise along with 10 years SAT/ACT Prep  experience  to help you achieve success in the pursuit of your academic goals. Text or call Karen at 704-936-7634 to make an appointment. Stop stressing and start achieving. Don't settle for just getting by. Aim for the top.

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